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"Plastics." Remember, that was the financial career tip whispered in the movie, "The Graduate", by Murray Hamilton (Mrs. Robinson's husband) into the ear of young Benjamin, aka Dustin Hoffman. Benjamin didn't care about the future of plastics, he obviously had other things on his mind. However, another young guy was paying attention, Ken Delmar, the founder of Conductive Plastics Company in Media, Pa.

In 1979, Delmar began his business by being a consultant to companies that needed knowledge and materials to prevent static damage with the use of newly developed plastics. "Making an alloy with plastic and other materials is the secret in making products to prevent damage due to static electricity," says Delmar. The business has steadily grown for the past eighteen years, with distributors all over the world, including the Pacific, Canada, the United Kingdom and France. "Other plastics companies may be larger and have more locations, but the company produces highly specialized products for clients with specific needs. If you want a Rolls Royce built, you don't go to General Motors, you want a specialized manufacturer. That's how our clients and customers perceive us," says Delmar.

The idea for this business was actually conceived when Delmar was in the United States army. As a Captain in the Green Berets, one has to be skilled in many areas. The 81 mm mortar rocket was wrapped in a conductive wrap. This is because a static spark could possibly detonate ammunition which would be catastrophic. A procurement officer at Piccatiny Arsenal in New Jersey told Delmar that if he could figure out how to make a conductive bag, the Government would save the taxpayers money. Delmar not only figured this out but also realized that the growing electronic industry also needed such an item. Carbon was added to the polyethylene to make a black plastic bag that would absorb sparks much like a kitchen counter sponge absorbs water. "It's still there but its under control," says Delmar.

Conductive Plastics Company was on its way and it wasn't even one year old when the customers wanted a conductive bag that they could see through. That was when Delmar took an existing solar film that was vacuum metalized and laminated it with anti static polyethylene on one side with a flexible polyurethane varnish coat on the other side. This became the transparent static shielding bag that would be commonly used to package circuit boards and other sensitive devices.

Conductive Plastics also supplies bags for packaging specialty parts such as replacement pieces for computers, telecommunications equipment, robotics devices and airplane navigation instruments. Conductive Plastics can recommend and design the type of material best suited to meet all of a customer's production and packaging needs, from medical supplies and electrical equipment to in-house handling of all types of sensitive material. They specialize in anti static, static shielding, static dissipative and conductive packaging. Materials supplied can also be FDA approved for electronic, industrial and medical applications.

If you're not versed in the language of plastics, and who is, have no fear. Mr. Delmar has a knack for analogy that he uses to explain terms like, "profile extrusion" and "injection molding." Profile extrusion is plastic manufacturing process similar to what happens when cookies are made with a cookie press. In addition to this and many other more complex techniques, Conductive Plastics also offers prototype development. Delmar will design and produce a handmade prototype of the particular shape and material that your business might need for a fraction of the cost of commanding an entire order. Delmar explains, "This way you have only spent $2500 to $3000 for the development cost instead of being stuck, for example, with 25,000 parts that do not meet your specifications and have tooling costs of $25,000."

Several large U.S. plastic bag companies have asked Conductive Plastics Company to be their distributor. These products include the reclosable zip lock track poly bags, pre-opened and automatic bags on rolls and plastic bags made for clean rooms.

Other products handled by Conductive Plastics include foam sheets and shapes, static dissipative vinyls and custom and blow molded cases.

While Benjamin, "The Graduate", missed the boat about plastics, Delmar's Conductive Plastics Company has only prospered. In whatever shape or form you may want, Conductive Plastics will help design and supply you with the best plastic products for your company.

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